2017 January

It is not easy to make the decision to move but I knew I wanted something bigger and brighter. The process fell into place quite quickly so here I am at 30 Duke Street at the corner of Wellington in a lovely heritage home on the second floor. My husband and daughter offered to help and the decorating is nearly complete thanks to their involvement. I have a carpet which I purchased in Abu Dhabi when a vendor knocked on my door. It represents all the positive memories of time spent in the desert. Can’t wait to hang it on the wall! I will try and post photos once the Bahamian blue paint dries on the backing for the three bookshelves. It is a special paint and has to cure for about ten days. The settling in process is taking more time that expected but I am happy and the results are worth it. I look forward to seeing clients in this new inviting confidential  safe space.

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