Couples Counselling

I specialize in relationship/marriage counselling. No marriage is perfect, and almost every couple can benefit from some help. If you want to feel more connected and improve your relationship, come and see me and I will help you understand where the differences are, why they exist and how to close the gap.

If you are tired of approaching your relationship in the same way, and you’re looking for new ways to make useful changes, then you will like my approach. I will identify unhelpful patterns and offer different ways of relating. Couples come to see me for a variety of reasons, such as when there has been an affair, if they are fighting, withdrawing from each other, lacking intimacy or they are considering ending the relationship.

My work is influenced by some of the greatest mentors including Dr. Albert Ellis (REBT/CBT), Dr Harville Hendrix (Imago), Dr. Sue Johnson (EFT) and Terence Real MSW (RLT) www.terryreal.com . They have nurtured my passion for the work I do.

In September 2017 I completed more training with Terry Real in his unconventional approach called Relational Life Therapy. Terry teaches how to get what you want in a relationship, how to give your partner what he/she needs from you and how to sustain and get pleasure from the changes in your relationship. His philosophy is that successful therapy is moving couples out of their misery (Terry Real 2017).

My goal is to help move you towards the relationship you desire. I teach couples about losing and winning strategies, time outs, dialoging and other exciting and encouraging techniques.



“Love has to be flexible enough to accommodate new information, new roles and new ways of loving one another.”

Patricia Love



All sessions with a couple last 90 minutes, and couples are seen usually every two weeks. I see the couple together, and sometimes I see each person individually one time after the first session.

During the sessions I listen and ask numerous questions to gain a deeper understanding of the relationship. Each psychotherapy session is wrapped up, so that at the end you will feel less vulnerable, and leave feeling good about your shared experience.

“Ready to get improve your relationship? Give me a call at (905) 351-4225!”