Individual Counselling

Men and Women in Therapy

Men frequently come to therapy when dragged in by their partners, but sometimes they come on their own as well.   Men that are uncomfortable sitting in the office, quickly appreciate the changes that therapy can produce for the betterment of a relationship, once they hear what possibilities are within reach.

Individual Therapy For Men:

Incorporating Terry Real’s methods to hold men accountable yet vulnerable in session and at home, breaks some of the myths surrounding the roles men are supposed to play in relationships. The system helps men to open up and show more emotional intimacy.  This change in itself, can often create a large improvement in relationships. Seeing these kinds of improvements as a result of actions and decisions, can be very empowering and rewarding.

Individual Therapy for Women:

Many women want therapy to help cope with damaged or damaging relationships, to change themselves and to feel better. They bring in a broad spectrum of issues/situations to work through, and enjoy experiencing transformation of ideas, thoughts, perceptions, goals and themselves.
Clients coming for individual therapy, learn to look at life through different lenses and understand that change is healthy and beneficial (albeit challenging).



In individual sessions it is important to understand what the client is seeking and how to get them to their goals. Sessions may be weekly or bi-weekly depending on the issue that needs to be ameliorated.

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